The obligation for turn assistants for buses and trucks is here

Safe on the road with the TurnCAM® AI turn assistant from ROSHO Automotive Solutions.

ROSHO TurnCAM®-AI turn assistant

Protecting lives when turning

The ROSHO TurnCAM® AI turn assistant is ideal for retrofitting in buses, trucks and special and emergency vehicles. The TurnCAM® AI turn assistant has a General Operating Permit (ABE) valid throughout Europe and meets the technical requirements of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (BMVI) for turn assistance systems.

DEKRA certified &
UN ECE R151 compliant

AI technology

Retrofittable for
almost all manufacturers

Eligible with
up to 80%

System calibration
and assembly

warning system

ROSHO TurnCAM® AI warning system

The most vigilant co-driver in the world

The TurnCAM® AI from ROSHO protects lives – and does so reliably. That’s why our turn assistant not only convinced DEKRA, but also claimed the title of InnovationAward 2022. In addition, the ROSHO solution is UN ECE R151 compliant. Our turn assist system is tested, certified, eligible for funding and has a general operating permit (ABE).

Artificial intelligence in commercial vehicles

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The ROSHO TurnCAM® AI makes complex things simple. Our turn assist system consists of a few components that work together to strengthen your fleet and keep you safe in traffic. Choose whether you want to be warned purely acoustically or also visually of obstacles and decide for the safety of road users.<