Always on the
safe side

With ADAS driving assistance systems from ROSHO, you can prevent critical traffic situations.

Driving Assistance System ADAS

Safe on the road with ADAS systems from ROSHO

Driver assistance systems intervene semi-autonomously or autonomously in the drive (e.g., accelerator, brake), control (e.g., parking-steering assistant) or signaling devices of the vehicle or warn the driver through suitable human-machine interfaces shortly before or during critical situations. At present, most driver assistance systems are designed in such a way that responsibility remains with the driver (i.e., he or she can usually “override” autonomous interventions) and the driver is thus not incapacitated.

Defuse critical situations electronically

The ADAS-D21FWS advanced driving assistance system, based on leading computer vision technology, uses cameras to perceive the road environment, including vehicles, lanes, pedestrians, traffic signs, etc. – and is able to reduce collision accidents by providing early warnings when it detects potential collision hazards while driving. The EWS system supports FCW, LDW, HMW, PCW, etc. The ADAS-D21FWS system can be used in almost all types of vehicles.

ADAS system variations

Depending on your needs and application purpose, we offer you various ADAS driving assistance systems. Let us advise you without obligation for an optimal solution


Supports detection of vehicles, lanes, pedestrians and clear space. Designed for commercial vehicles.