Intelligent Fleet management

With BIS fleet management, you can put your vehicle fleet in the fast lane!

ROSHO fleet management

System infrastructure for more mobility in your vehicle fleet

With the BIS fleet management system, ROSHO provides you with a powerful and intelligent tool: securely networked and fully digitalized, you are always in the picture about what is going on in your buses and trains – and where they are. . As a logical complement to video surveillance and recording solutions from ROSHO, you can take in-vehicle security to a new level. Informative data on the use of your public transport lines is provided by automatic, high-precision passenger counting.

Depending on the application, we offer you various technical solutions that can also be integrated into fleet management. The future of passenger transport is digital and data-driven – with ROSHO Automotive Solutions you will definitely not miss the boat!

Individual fleet management
for bus and train

Get your vehicle fleet into the digital fast lane: ROSHO Automotive Solutions is your partner for intelligent, digital and networked systems around safety and conformity in passenger transport.

You can find out immediately what is happening in your vehicles: an intelligent fleet management system creates transparency across all vehicles.

Automated data collection and evaluation can be used to validate systems in public transport or with regard to the availability (functionality) of components.

The automatic recording, processing and transmission of counter results, door events and position data, as well as the exact determination of driving and standing times, allow actions to be derived from the data.

Fleet Management determines the position and status information of vehicles, vehicle components and systems installed in the vehicles in real time. The data collected is transmitted to central server systems.

People who check their e-mails on the bus on the way to work or access the most important morning information on the Internet can turn the often scarce time into valuable time. Then you strengthen your appeal quite considerably.

The Passenger Info software package forms the basis for dynamic passenger information systems. It enables display of (real-time) information, entertainment and advertising on TFT/LCD displays.

The SafetyNet provides encrypted data connections between the mutually authenticating network units over which IP data traffic is transparently routed.

DIRECS systems offer maximum features at an excellent price-performance ratio, such as active alarm management, live transmission of data, automatic sabotage and motion detection, and more.

Your advantage with ROSHO fleet management

Vehicle position

Vehicle positions are determined by GPS and logical positioning and transmitted in real time to the operations control center.

Vehicle status

Vehicle status data converge in the operations control center via the CAN-BUS and other sources; deviations are detected and corrected at an early stage.


Triggering of a silent alarm by the driver and connection to video cameras in the vehicle possible (bandwidth-dependent).

Device status

Information for monitoring and managing other components present in the vehicle based on the "Status Management" function.

Your advantage through ROSHO fleet management

Reduction of hardware requirements

by using all existing resources in the vehicle (components and data)


Reduction of energy and IT costs by using our cloud platform

Efficient planning of maintenance work on the vehicle

Technical fleet management monitors vehicle technology as well as peripheral devices in the vehicle and can provide information on maintenance and service.

Flexible and modular expandable

The modular system design allows functional extensions at any time, which can be implemented easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Open interface architecture

Provide shareable resources, e.g., GPS information, IBIS conversion, FMS-CAN-BUS data.

Configure your fleet management system

The Bus Information System was developed for transport companies. Buses and trains can be monitored in a targeted manner and irregularities and faults in the system can be reported centrally and rectified manually.


  • Vehicle location
  • Overview of all subsystems
  • E.g. digital recorders can be integrated into the overall system
  • Information about firmware version and request for update
  • A note can be added to each event, which is built up as a history. The user is also displayed.
  • The list of the respective recorders can be ļ¬ltered differently.

Passenger counting systems can be easily integrated into the Bus Information System. Here, information on the number of passengers on the buses and trains provides information on the capacity utilization and use of the vehicles. The determination of trip and stand data leads to an optimization of route and trip planning.

For the safety of all of us, cameras have been used in buses for years. These record and document what happens in and around the individual buses. Vehicles are monitored centrally and failures and malfunctions can be detected and remedied quickly. Via BIS, the driver also has the option of triggering alarm recordings by pressing a button and sending them to the control center. This is important both for an emergency and for important messages.

The Bus Information System not only monitors the cameras of the buses, but it is also possible to integrate the FMS-CANBus system. The information here includes tire pressure, oil level or, if applicable, error messages of the individual vehicles. An important tool here is also the history of the data. All measured values are stored and can be read out afterwards. If, for example, the oil pump fails, it is possible to determine exactly whether this defect was caused, for example, by the pump running dry.

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