More safety
on construction sites

With our safety and assistance systems, you always have an eye on the environment of your construction machinery

Safe and comfortable on the road.

Whether it’s a tipper loader, crane or construction machine – large construction vehicles place  high demands  on the vehicle operator when maneuvering and working. In order to eliminate sources of danger, the driver must maintain an  overview at all times That’s easy to say when blind spots to the rear and sides of construction site vehicles can hardly be avoided. Even the somewhat elevated seat, as on an excavator, does not always ensure that the excavator operator can keep  everything relevant in view . Not only reversing can become a challenge, but also driving into traffic.

With the safety and assistance systems from ROSHO, you always have the environment of your construction vehicles in view.

TurnCAM® turn assistant

TurnCAM turn assistant - simply eliminate the blind spot

The TurnCAM® turn assistance system for construction vehicles and machines detects the vehicle’s close lateral range and registers any moving object in the danger zone.

With the aid of an optical and/or acoustic warning, the driver is alerted to a dangerous situation and can act accordingly to carry out the turning process safely.

The TurnCAM® is available as either a camera or radar system.

Turn assistant with AI function