Optimal visibility
for farmers

With our camera monitor systems, you always have the environment of your agricultural machinery in view.

More safety for your agricultural machinery

Whether in the field or on the road, during the day or at night: With our video systems, drivers of commercial vehicles have an all-round view of the entire work area. Particularly with large and complex machines, support from reliable electronics is indispensable today – it is the only way to protect people, assets and machines and to organize processes efficiently. In this way, the areas in front of, next to and behind the vehicle can be conveniently monitored at all times. Even hidden areas such as a bale chute are on the vehicle operator’s radar.

Whether tractor, combine harvester, excavator or trailer – we find the right solution for every constellation Engineered in Germany.
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Camera and monitor systems

Cable &
Component parts

Camera and monitor systems

Full view for your agricultural machinery

To ensure that your agricultural machinery and special vehicles are safe on the road at all times, our proven camera monitor systems provide the necessary overview to every side of the vehicle and into every maneuvering area.

We offer HD monitors in many sizes, high-resolution cameras with up to five megapixels, shock-resistant electronics, connectors for all vehicle types and much more.

On request, we can put together the right system individually – entirely according to your requirements and wishes.

See more = More safety!

Retrofit solutions for agricultural vehicles

In the field of agriculture and agricultural machinery, ROSHO offers retrofit solutions for almost all applications such as combine harvesters, corn choppers or tractors and trailers. Ask for your desired solutions in a straightforward manner and let us advise you.

Combine harvester

Versatile and intelligent camera monitor solutions for your combine harvesters.

Our recommended systems:

Corn chopper

Versatile and intelligent camera monitor solutions for your shredders.

Our recommended systems:

Tractor + trailer

Versatile and intelligent camera-monitor solutions for hitched vehicles.

Our recommended systems: