The turning assistant system with Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) for Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure funding

Defusing critical situations electronically

ROSHO’s TurnCAM® system ensures additional safety when turning off because it automatically detects and defuses critical traffic situations. As ROSHO Managing Director Holger Schimmels explains: “TurnCAM® is based on smart image processing. The area around the side of the vehicle is monitored by a specially developed side camera, which is used at the right side of the vehicle.” If the TurnCAM® system detects a person or object in the danger zone, it emits an optical and acoustic signal to draw the driver’s attention to the danger. The optical warning is indicated on the vehicle display, which can also be used to monitor reversing. The acoustic warning is sounded over a small speaker, which can be installed on any vehicle interior.

Approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority

The TurnCAM® turn-off assistant complies with all technical requirements demanded of turn assist systems by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. This also includes, for instance, a clearly defined detection area. It covers a rectangular space of 0.9 to 2.5 metres at the side of the vehicle from the front right corner of the vehicle to six metres behind the front of the vehicle.

The turn-off assistant successfully passed the exacting DEKRA test procedures and has already been awarded Vehicle Type Approval (VTA), which is valid across Europe. It fully complies with the instructions and guidelines stipulated by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. TurnCAM® is thus one of the first officially approved systems on European roads.

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