Enhanced safety for commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles are indispensable, no matter whether deployed in road construction, transport or in the agricultural sector. Yet when you have to manoeuvre or reverse these vehicles, blind spots often compromise the driver’s view, increasing the likelihood of missing something and endangering people and the environment.

With intelligent camera systems from Rosho vehicle drivers always gain a full view that simply eliminates any blind spots. Drivers thus have everything under control, directly on their monitor in the driver’s cab with an infra-red option for improved night viewing. However, Rosho systems also provide enhanced viewing inside buses and train carriages for passenger safety and protection from vandalism.
Mobile highspeed Internet increases the appeal of bus and train and makes travel enjoyable: we offer efficient WiFi routers for surfing and streaming, also at high speed, USB charging technology, display and video systems etc. You thus beat individual transport hands down! And because every corporation is different, Rosho customises its systems to suit your requirements. Interested? If so, we look forward to hearing about your project.