Buses and trains are equipped with an increasing amount of electronics to satisfy modern passenger expectations. On the one hand, for safety‘s sake, but also for entertainment purposes. ROSHO offers an extensive range of efficient certified audio and video components for professional use. No matter whether feature films, announcements or commercials, we supply hardware components in top quality that are guaranteed to be perfectly compatible.

Surfing and streaming on the move

How to make the most of travel time and enhance the appeal of public transport. We offer advanced WiFi routers for your fleet to ensure easy Internet access in buses and trains. 12 and 24 V on-board power supplies and integrated modems ensure convenient surfing and streaming on the move. If you wish, we can install storage options for travel brochures, image films, daily newspapers etc. In addition, ROSHO WiFi-Wi Public offers secure access even at high travel speeds. So even very long distances are covered in a flash.

Clear statements

Your vehicle stops at the next stop? Then let your passengers know with our LED signal indicators for clear statements. Because this way you can communicate with your passengers without words.

Empty batteries are a thing of the past

Advanced USB charger technology on holders or vehicle walls ensures permanent availability of all mobile devices for passengers and crew. We offer ports in all RAL colours that are therefore guaranteed to match your corporate identity.

Improve your passengers’ sound experience

We offer extensive equipment ranging from infinitely adjustable driver mics to digital audio amplifiers for interior and exterior announcements to achieve as an authentic voice quality as possible for communication in buses and trains. Optionally available with components like equalizers and runtime correction for easy plug ‘n play integration.