Our solutions increase safety, enhance comfort and improve traffic flow. This benefits not only the users of our systems, but all road users: in the city, in the country, on and off the road.

Our employees at our headquarters in Bad Nenndorf, Lower Saxony, and Garching, Bavaria, develop, produce and sell products and solutions for you with an extraordinary demand for quality. As a system provider, we do not only focus on smooth installation in your vehicles, but also on quick responses to market requirements.



ROSHO attaches great importance to long-term relationships. We value personal contact with our customers as much as a trusting working atmosphere and long-term cooperation with selected technology partners.


Long-term business relationships

are our top priority: as a trusted contact partner, we accompany many ventures from consulting to support – and have been doing so for decades in some cases. Instead of routing to a call center, enquiries reach us directly with competent and helpful specialists. We also maintain long-term personal contacts with our selected technology partners and licensed manufacturing companies from the EU, South Korea and Taiwan.



ROSHO treats people, environment and resources with care. Certified environmental and quality management, first-class technology and the cooperation of all employees ensure the highest level of safety from the planning stage through production to everyday use.



ROSHO works fast, agile and close to the needs of the market. Flat structures in powerful, competent teams enable short development cycles and practical solutions for immediate use.

Whether it’s a turning assistant, passenger counting or hygienic air purification through bipolar ionization: we can usually offer you our systems after short development cycles of less than one year – and with the usual high quality, whether for original equipment, after-sales or semi-OEM. This is made possible by the flexibility of an versatile company – and above all by our teams of creative minds, who enjoy every new challenge.

Quality and Sustainability

Quality management according to ISO 9001 is a matter of course for us and we have it checked in regular audits. The aim is to optimize even the smallest weak points in processes through continuous improvement. Our environmental management is certified according to ISO 14001. The responsible use of resources – from raw materials to recycling – is particularly important to us.



ROSHO keeps its promises of quality, on-time delivery and service. During development, we place great emphasis on reliability and safety. A 100% quality inspection in Germany is a matter of course for us.

At all times, we ensure that the components in our systems, which we manufacture ourselves, produce under license and supply by technology partners, work together absolutely flawlessly. From the first prototypes to serial production, our developers always keep a watchful eye on quality and functionality. We are never satisfied with compromises.

Engineered in Germany – designed & tested by our experts

ROSHO develops all its solutions at its headquarters in Bad Nenndorf / Lower Saxony and in Garching / Bavaria, produces a large proportion of its own products and finalizes all its solutions in Germany. For supplied technical components we rely on long-term partnerships and manufacturing licenses with renowned manufacturers from the EU, Taiwan and South Korea. Each of our products and system solutions is subjected to a strict quality control process at ROSHO before delivery .


The roots of today’s ROSHO GmbH – Rose & Holiet go back to the 1970s: it all started with entertainment systems – initially not on four wheels, but for the retail and restaurant sectors. The company entered the world of commercial vehicles in the 1980s with the development of audiovisual products for coaches, which quickly established themselves as sought-after alternatives to the market leaders’ products of the time. As pioneers, Rose & Holiet developed the first camera surveillance systems in the vehicle sector.

Today, ROSHO Automotive Solutions specializes in system solutions and products for trucks, public transport and commercial vehicles – for a good two decades as a modern and flexible company. We are optimally equipped for the future of mobility: We have been using digital, connected and intelligent technologies for many years and are already working on the next step towards greater safety on the road – with innovative hardware and software, which we refine into highly reliable complete systems.