Imagebild Linienbus Rosho Systeme
Digitaler Aufzeichnungsrekorder für Busse und Bahnen

Linear recording, new evaluation and status management software

ROSHO offers a further free linear firmware update for all digital recording systems in the DIRECS series.

The main advantage of the linear recording method is that the risk of losing data is virtually excluded. Recording errors, due for instance to abruptly switching off the recorder or hard drive damage due to bumps caused by rough terrain, are minimised. Thanks to this feature maximum reliability is achieved.


  • High system stability
  • Fast system check
  • Low maintenance
  • Downward compatibility

Further important functions can be used:

The latest E-View evaluation software offers comprehensive password protection and prevents unauthorised access to data by third parties. In addition, the software creates a password-protected portable viewer that together with the original data can be transferred to the relevant investigating body in line with GDPR regulations for authorised evaluation by them.


Simply log in with your login data at support.rosho.de  (if you don’t have login data, please request them from us at info@rosho.de). You can then download the latest firmware/software for your system.

Please call us if you have any questions : Hotline +49 (0) 5723 9417 0