ROSHO offers you camera solutions that are optimally tailored to your various application scenarios, ensuring that your vehicles are optimally illuminated. We want it to be as easy as possible for you to equip your vehicles with powerful, innovative camera technology. In this way, you make everyday work easier for your staff, help prevent accidents and increase safety on roads, construction sites, company premises and fields.

Making every angle visible

Whether used as a front, rear, side or interior camera: ROSHO components are resistant to vibration and shock, have strong protective lenses and are insensitive to dust and high-pressure cleaners thanks to airtight sealing. Do you need night vision and ultra-wide angle?  No problem – it is one of our standards. Blind spots? Simply don’t exist with our technology. And because a camera must fit the vehicle exactly, we have a wide range of dome, radio, shutter, heavy-duty and LED cameras available for you.

Our products at a glance

For which application do you need an outdoor and indoor camera? Get your own overview here – or feel free to contact us: we will be happy to advise you on the right camera system for trucks, buses, trains or special vehicles.


Whether it’s a logistical masterpiece, a construction site assignment or a land excursion with heavy equipment – our cameras make everything that happens around your vehicles visible – and also what happens inside the vehicle. For use in your specific industry, we have put together reliable full systems consisting of carefully matched cameras, screens and all the necessary components – including the intelligent turning assistant.


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