Bus and train drivers need to focus their full attention on the traffic.

Drivers are responsible for safely conveying passengers to their destination. Our recording systems are therefore designed to help them quickly and reliably sort out any incidents should anything happen.

Our recommendation for recording and monitoring systems:

For solo buses: 1x DIRECS 4 recorder, 4 x indoor cameras and 1x driver monitor.

For articulated buses: 1x DIRECS 8 recorder, 5 to 6 x indoor cameras and 1x driver monitor.

The system offers you:

  • linear recording (for maximum system stability)
  • Secure recording of video, audio and additional data (IBIS, CAN, Logfile, GPS…)
  • Black box function with interface to vehicle systems
  • Active alarm management for monitoring by an emergency operations centre
We will be happy to supply more details.

Which areas are monitored?

Doors – monitoring of entrance areas.

Passenger seats with a main focus on the rear of the vehicle – preventive effect.

Till area – protection against hold-ups.


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