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The ROSHO TurnCAM® system makes roads a lot safer for pedestrians and cyclists

Time and again, buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles hit pedestrians and cyclists when turning off to the right. It is clear who comes off worse. Every year around 3,200 accidents are recorded involving trucks and cyclists alone, most of which while turning off. 30 to 40 people are killed.

The reason is the blind spot that is created automatically when vehicles turn off to the right. While wide-angle outside mirrors cover a large viewing field, the display is very small. Drivers need to look very closely to spot a cyclist or pedestrian down on the right side of the vehicle.

Yet reliable technical solutions have long been available that completely eliminate blind spots and save lives: electronic turn-off assistants detect pedestrians and cyclists and alert the driver in advance. The German Cyclist’s Association and insurance research teams estimate that more than 60 per cent of serious accidents could be avoided through the use of turn-off assistants.