Agricultural machines have now reached a size and complexity that can be partially controlled only with camera systems.

The “electronic camera eye” detects those areas next to and behind the vehicle that would not be visible without aids.

And since it can also affect the health of drivers, employees and road users, the best technology should just be good enough. The ideal camera system for your vehicle can be found at ROSHO.

Our camera systems provide the required all-round visibility for agricultural machinery at all times. When used in the field, in traffic or at night on the farm and premises.

Our systems are developed for:

  • Active protection of driver and machine
  • A secure feeling when shunting with big machines
  • Durable and robust components for everyday use in the field – in any weather

Which areas are monitored?

The front area – dual front-view system for unobstructed view of confused exits and entrances for use on different front-mounted implements.

The reversing area – facilitates maneuvering with troughs or other large trailers.

The entire work area – with the help of the ROSHO “H system” you have a complete all-round view of your machine. Four outdoor cameras (in the front, side and rear area) are displayed in the form of an “H” on the driver monitor. The shape of this representation makes it easier for the driver to maneuver, since his spatial perception, comparable to the use of exterior mirrors, is significantly improved by the arrangement of the cameras displayed.

We are happy to inform you about further details.